CEI/Developing your Emotional Intelligence to Provide Excellent Customer Service (12th – 14th October, 2020)

The customer service function is demanding and sometimes stressful. Customer Service Staff constantly deal with difficult, angry or even manipulative customers. They also have to deal with various situations such us: People blaming them for problems they cannot control, People putting them under pressure with unreasonable or last minute requests, network breakdown, software breakdown etc. The nature of the reaction of the Customer Service Staff to such situations will determine whether the service delivery to the next customer will be excellent or not. If the staff feels out of control or manipulated as it happens in most cases, they are more likely to react defensively or aggressively, both of which make the situations much worse. It is very easy to take things personally, to become frustrated and stressed. Low emotional intelligence scores have been linked to problems with interpersonal relationships and difficulty changing or adapting to situations resulting in poor service delivery. Customer Service Staff with high emotional intelligence however recognise their emotional temperatures and are able to control their effects. They create rapport with customers by speaking their own language; by showing an interest and relating to what the customer is feeling. In this way they form better relationships with customers which lead to more effective results and are able to diffuse many difficult situations. Using a combination of tutorial sessions, experiential learning, role play, case studies, video and practical exercises, this three day program looks at how the principles of emotional intelligence can be applied to improve general customer service performance of customer service staff. It will also deal with how to better manage their emotions, that of the people they deal with and difficult situations using other techniques.

Course Objectives
  •  To empower participants to create a positive and resourceful state of mind any time they are serving customers
  • To enable participants create a more positive attitude that will enable them clarify workplace expectations, improve communication, boost morale and improve productivity.
  • To enable participants recognize the sensitivities and needs of the customer to deliver exceptional customer service.
Course Benefits

Participants will at the end of the program develop the right attitude and mindset for dealing effectively with customers and all situations.

Course Content
  • Emotional Intelligence(EQ) and Customer Satisfaction

– The origins of emotional intelligence.

– Appreciating how emotions are created

– The relevance of emotional intelligence in delivering excellent customer service.

– Assessing Your Own EQ

  • Focusing on the Customer

– Creating positive first impressions
– Identifying and meeting customer’s needs

  • Developing Positive Self-Talk

– The nature of self-talk.

– The way negative self-talk prevents the delivery of excellent customer service.

– The way positive self-talk can lift our feelings and improve our performance.

  • Effective Communication

– The importance of words, tones and gestures.

– Using positive phrases rather than negative ones.

– Listening effectively.

– Understanding how to be assertive

– Dealing with criticism

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Delivering Excellent Customer Service on the Telephone

– Telephone etiquette

– Projecting a positive image using your voice

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers with Diplomacy and Tact

– Recognizing and responding effectively to specific customer behaviours

– Remaining calm during interactions with difficult customers

– Changing your emotional state to avoid negative emotional carryover

– Turning an angry customer into a happy repeat customer

  • Complaints Management

– Making it easy for customers to complain

– Steps to service recovery

  • Coping with Stress to Serve Customers Better

– Symptoms and Causes of Stress

– Preventive measures to decrease unhealthy stress

– Techniques to overcome stress

Duration: Three (3) Days

Fees: One Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,650.00) per participant

Venue: Miklin Hotel
Who Should Attend

This program is suitable for Guest Relations Officers/Managers, Key Account Officers /Managers, Customer Service Officers, Frontline Staff, Call Center Staff, Personal/Office Assistants and anyone who come into contact with clients or customers of an organization.