CES/Delivering World Class Customer Service – How to Win and Keep Customers Forever (12th – 14th August, 2020)

Strong customer service is a valuable asset especially in today’s competitive, high-techoriented and increasingly impersonal business world. Gradually products or service portfolio of companies are becoming similar. The single greatest way a company could distinguish itself from the competition therefore is the level of service it offers. The higher the level of service offered by the organization, the more successful it will be in the competitive environment.
The role of the customer service representative is therefore crucial in this aspect because they interact day after day with customers and are perceived to be the organization in the customers’ eyes. What is good customer service? How can it go from good to legendary? What are the pitfalls that many people fall into when delivering customer service? What is the best way to handle difficult customers?
This participative, information packed three-day training session provides answers to these and other important customer service issues.

Course Objectives
  •  To help participants develop, practice and improve their skills in customer service including communication, listening, conflict resolution and team building.
  • To enable participants recognize barriers to the delivery of outstanding customer service.
  • To enable participants recognize and adapt to specific customer behaviour styles.
Course Benefits

At the end of the program participants, will appreciate how delivering excellent customer service increases revenue, attractive employee benefits and reduces personal stress at work.

Course Content
  • The Importance of Delivering Legendary Service

– Identifying factors that make service outstanding

– Identifying factors that send customers to competitors

– Benefits of excellent service

  • Teamwork and Managing Customer Expectations

– Identifying the expectations of customers

– Preparing to handle the expectations of customers

– Internal Customer Service and Excellent Customer Service

– Building a Customer Centric Organization

  • Communicating with Clarity and Excellence

– Understanding Different Communication Styles

– Winning with words

– Building on your listening Skills

– Using your body language to improve personal image

  • Professionalism Under Pressure

– Positive Customer Care Attitudes

– Appreciating how emotions are created

– Developing strategies to remain optimistic and calm under pressure

– Changing your emotional state to avoid negative emotional carryover

– Handling the telephone to deliver excellent customer service

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers with Diplomacy and Tact

– Recognising and responding effectively to specific customer behaviours

– Listening to an angry customer so that they calm down

– Remaining calm during interactions with difficult customers

– Turning an angry customer into a happy repeat customer

  • Personal Action Plans

Duration: Three (3) Days

Fees: One Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,650.00) per participant

Venue: Oscarpak Royale Hotel
Who Should Attend

Marketing and Customer Service Managers, Accounts Managers, Public Relation Managers, Call Centre Staff, Front Line Staff, Cashiers and everyone who interacts with clients either faceto-face or by telephone, or who manages a client-facing team.