MEM/Effective Appraisal Skills for Managers and Supervisors (27th – 28th February; 3rd – 4th September, 2020)

Performance appraisals are a powerful way of developing staff and maximizing their potential. They are, however a process which if done badly can lead to low morale and staff turnover. Formal appraisals are just one part of an organization’s system of delegating, goal setting, coaching, motivating, and ongoing informal and formal feedback on employee performance. Because of the significance they carry it is important that managers acquire the planning and communication skills needed to effectively appraise for increased productivity in the organization. Despite their importance, words like “It is time for your annual appraisal” seem to provoke feelings of anxiety in management and staff alike. This is because appraisals are always difficult to do as a result of the subjective opinion of the evaluator. Added to this burden are the typical reactions of workers, who always think they should be rated more highly than they are. Because of this some staff still count themselves fortunate if they do not get appraised at all. This course is designed to address the performance appraisal cycle and enhance the communication skills of participants to enable them conduct more effective and participative appraisal discussions.

Course Objectives
  •  To equip participants with modern tools and techniques to carry out effective performance appraisals
  • To ensure that participants understand how to prepare, structure and run effective appraisal discussions.
  • To give delegates the opportunity to practice feedback techniques.
Course Benefits

A better understanding of the do’s and don’ts of performance appraisal. How to get the best out of staff performance through the appraisal year.

Course Content
  • Understanding the appraisal process

– Why appraise?

– Benefits of appraisal to the individual and the organization

– Challenges associated with appraisals

  • Managing the Performance Cycle

– Identifying Key Performance Areas (KPA)

– Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Communication Skills for Appraisers

– Questioning Skills

– Active Listening Skills

– Summarizing Techniques

  • Conducting Appraisal Discussions

– Preparing for a discussion

– Structuring an appraisal discussion

– Getting the discussion off to a positive start

  • How to Give Effective Feedback

– Positive and Negative Feedback

– The golden rules

– Giving praise and constructive criticism

  • Coaching and Counseling

– Coaching Styles and Techniques

  • Dealing with Challenging Appraises

Duration: Two (2) Days

Fees: One Thousand Two Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,200.00)

Venue: Golden Key Hotel
Who Should Attend

This participative program is designed for Senior Managers, Supervisors, Training/Human Resource Managers, Directors, Administrative and Technical Staff who are currently responsible for conducting staff appraisals or will be in the future. It is also suitable for those who are new to the appraisal process.