MSS/Effective Leadership and Supervisory Skills (21st – 24th April; 14th – 17th July; 22nd – 25th September, 2020)

Being appointed a supervisor is recognition by management of one’s past achievements and also a vote of confidence by your team members. As a supervisor you are responsible not only for your own work but also for the performance of the people you supervise. This comes with a lot of responsibilities. Your new subordinates will have differing personalities, goals, and abilities. Furthermore, many of them won’t have your own desire to work hard day after day. You will also have to work with your colleague supervisors and your new bosses. This requires effective leadership, teamwork and cooperation skills. How do you motivate people to achieve high standards of performance? How do you communicate effectively with your subordinates? How do you work with people outside your department? How do you manage worker job performance issues?
This four-day intensive program is to help participants overcome the many leadership and supervisory problems they will encounter in their role as supervisors. It focuses on providing easy-to-use skills that will produce highly effective leaders and make their job less difficult. It concentrates on the nitty-gritty details the supervisor has to contend with.
Tutorial sessions, video presentations, case studies, and practical exercises make this an action packed four day programme.

Course Objectives
  •  To enable participants acquire skills to handle their supervisory responsibilities
  • To provide a fund of practical ideas that will lead to improved personal performance
  • To provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the skills needed for effective management in a competitive environment
  • To help participants create a work environment that encourages commitment, innovation and co-operation.
Course Benefits

At the end of the program, participants will be able to identify the key skills and characteristics of successful leaders and team supervisors.

Course Content
  • Defining the supervisor’s role

– The Functions and Responsibilities of a Supervisor

– Key Management Tasks and Competencies

  • Making the Change to Being a Supervisor

– Reasons for Failure or Success

  • The Art of Leadership and Team Building

– Understanding your own strengths and those of your organisation

– Understanding the role and characteristics of a successful leader.

– Recognising and reviewing your personal style of leadership

  • Challenges of Leadership

– Managing Vs Leading

– Leading from the front or leading from a distance

– Leadership styles

– Making the most of your leadership style

  • Communicating Effectively As a Supervisor

– Understanding and softening different perceptions and communication barriers

– Listening to understand and not just to respond

– Understanding the relative impact of phraseology

– Using Body Language to present a Positive Image

  • Time Management

– When and how to organize, delegate or delete work

– Balancing Professional goals and personal time

– Devoting more time toward achieving high-priority end goals.

  • Motivation as a supervisor

– Identifying different individual needs

– How to motivate staff today

– De-motivation – signs and symptoms

– Practical exercise

  • Managing Worker Job Performance Issues

– Steps for Conducting Performance Evaluations

– Conduct an effective performance appraisal meeting

– Handling workers who disagree with your evaluation

  • Handling conflict

– Reasons for conflict

– Recognizing conflict

– Resolving and eliminating personality conflicts

  • Delivering Excellent Customer service

– Supervising customer care

– Handling problems and complaints

  • Personal Action Plans

Duration: Four (4) Days

Fees: Two Thousand Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢2,050.00) per participant.

Venue: Airport View Hotel
Who Should Attend

Officers, Supervisors, Newly Appointed Supervisors, Foremen and Employees who are considered to be ready for further development.