MSM/Effective Management Skills for Supervisors and Newly Appointed Managers (11th – 14th May ; 8th – 11th September , 2020)

The transition from team member to team leader is one of the most challenging. As new managers and supervisors, success is measured not simply by individual contribution but by one’s ability to work with and through people to achieve results.
This four-day intensive program is particularly suitable for the newly promoted manager or for any supervisor wanting to run a high-level performance team. This pragmatic workshop teaches participants how to increase work output, improve the quality of work and achieve greater flexibility in working. Participants will learn how to adjust their management style, create an atmosphere where motivation can flourish, use coaching as a tool to improve performance and job satisfaction and communicate more effectively up, down and across the organization. Tutorial sessions, case studies, practical exercises and presentations make this an action packed five day program.

Course Objectives
  •  To set out clear guidelines for effective management
  • Create a forum to analyze practical ways to organize work and manage time effectively
  • Enable delegates to learn the people management techniques to get maximum performance.
  • To provide a comprehensive framework for future development.
Course Benefits
  • An invaluable insight into the management techniques and skills that every successful manager needs
  • Through case studies and exercises, participants will be able to identify their strengths and areas for development
  •  Participants will be able to tackle their challenges with confidence and drive performance for themselves and their team.
  •  Participants will be able to set effective and motivating objectives.
Course Content
  • The Management process

– Defining the manager’s role

– Making the change to being a manager

  • The need for planning

– Strategic planning, what does it entail.

– The use of vision statements

– Differentiating between strategy and tactics

– Setting objectives

– Measuring progress against objectives

  • Leadership and effective supervision

– The mechanics and dynamics of supervision

– Developing leadership skills

– Recognizing the needs of subordinates

– Coaching for Performance

  • Time Management

– When and how to organize, delegate or delete work

– Balancing Professional goals and personal time

– Devoting more time toward achieving high-priority end goals.

  • Motivation as a manager

– Identifying different individual needs

– How to motivate staff today

– De-motivation – signs and symptoms

– Practical exercise

  • Communicating and directing the team

– The effect of words, tone and voice

  • Handling conflict

– Reasons for conflict

– Recognizing conflict

– Resolving and eliminating personality conflicts

  • Customer service and satisfaction

– Supervising customer care

– Handling problems and complaints

Duration: Four (4) Days

Fees: Two Thousand Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢2,050.00) per participant.

Venue: Erata Hotel
Who Should Attend

Managers, Supervisors, Newly Appointed/Prospective Managers and those who wish to gain the knowledge, understanding and necessary skills to manage effectively. It is also suitable for employees who are considered to be ready for further development.