MSS/Effective Supervisory Skills (25th – 27th March; 27th – 29th July, 14th – 16th October, 2020)

Supervising people is a complex and difficult aspect of managing. The primary responsibility of every supervisor is to get people to cooperate in meeting explicit organizational goals within the set time and cost constraints. In achieving this, the supervisor, depending on his/her organizational role may engage in activities such as supervising, administrating, persuading, planning, training, developing and controlling. Unfortunately majority of people promoted to a supervisory position or hired into it do not have previous experience or are inadequately prepared for the role.
To be effective as a supervisor, there is the need to develop a broad mix of skills and competences to play many roles. You have to create or help create environments where people are willing to cooperate to achieve common goals. To achieve quality, service and rapid response, supervisors must utilize all available talents. All team members have unique strengths. Only by discovering how to communicate and understand each other will the supervisor be able to utilize each individual’s strengths and build a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.
This three-day intensive course had been designed to help supervisors and potential supervisors to breathe life, confidence and energy into their team members to achieve increased productivity. The course covers the essential skills and personal qualities that will produce highly effective team leaders. Participants will discover practical and straightforward ways to supervise, lead, organize and motivate in order to achieve outstanding performance and results.

Course Objectives
  •  To enable participants make the transition from worker to supervisor
  • To develop the teamwork skills of participants
  • To improve the communication skills of participants
  • To help participants boost productivity
Course Benefits

At the end of the program, participants will be able to create a work environment that encourages commitment, innovation and co-operation.

Course Content
  •  Defining the supervisor’s role

-The Functions and Responsibilities of a Supervisor

– Key Supervisory Tasks and Competencies

  •  Making the Change to Being a Supervisor

– Reasons for Failure or Success

  •  Leadership and the Supervisor

– Leadership styles

– Understanding your own strengths and those of your organisation – Understanding the role and characteristics of a successful leader.
– Recognising and reviewing your personal style of leadership

– The characteristics of effective leader

  •  The Effective Team

– Identifying the traits of an effective team

– The key techniques for competent team working

  •  Building A Successful Team

– Distinguishing team roles and responsibilities

– Building trust and confidence in those you lead

– Mentoring others to greatness

– Praising and giving constructive feedback

– Enhancing team performance through training and development

  •  Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution within the Team
  • Handling Team Meetings

– Why Have a Meeting

– Causes of Unproductive Meetings

– Planning and Preparing for a Meeting

– Cultivating Behaviors that Foster Group Interaction

  • Communicating Effectively As a Supervisor

– Understanding the Channels for Communication

– Communication Barriers

– Listening to understand and not just to respond

– Using Body Language to present a Positive Image

– Communicating with the Boss and Employees

  •  Writing a Memo

– Structure of a memo

– Steps in writing a memo

– Getting the style right for memo writing

  •  Time Management

– When and how to organize, delegate or delete work

– Balancing Professional goals and personal time

– Devoting more time toward achieving high-priority end goals.

  •  Motivation as a Supervisor

– Identifying different individual needs

– How to motivate staff today

– De-motivation – signs and symptoms

– Practical exercise

Duration: Three (3) Days

Fees: One Thousand Six Hundred and Eighty Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,680.00) per participant

Venue: Golden Key Hotel
Who Should Attend

All Supervisors, Officers, Managers and anyone who wants to move past the clutter to enjoy unprecedented efficiency and productivity.