MEW/Effective Stores and Inventory Management (28th – 30th April ; 12th – 14th August; 18th – 20th November, 2020)

Stores and warehouses are a critical function in a world of Global and lean supply chain and managing it properly can provide substantial benefits to the organization. This three day programme examines in depth the principles of good stock management, how to maintain the correct stock levels without affecting the efficiency within the organization while contributing significantly towards the minimization of a company’s cash flow problems and improved profitability. The programme also looks at the various types of hazards likely to be encountered at the warehouse. Hazards like ships, trips, falls, falling objects, use of warehouse equipment and handling of materials in a warehouse could pose dangers to workers in the warehouse. The course has been structured to develop existing skills of participants so that they can analyse and then improve their warehouse operations while adhering to safety precautions and procedures that are important to warehouse safety.

Course Objectives
  •  To enable participants appreciate the impact of good stock management on the profitability of an organization.
  •  To enable participants run store operations more productively
  • To enable participants become alert to hazards in the warehouse and prevent accidents.
Course Benefits

At the end of the program, participants would gain a greater awareness of the issues and key drivers of store operations.

Course Content
  • Principles of store and inventory management

– The role of the store

– Stores layout and facilities

– Modern storage practices

  • Uses and abuses of inventory

– Importance of inventory

– Matching demand and supply

– Minimizing risks and costs

  • Material Identification Systems

– Codification – Standardization

– Variety Reduction

  •  Physical stock-taking and stock verification
  • Inventory Control, Concepts and Techniques

– ABC, HML, XYZ FSN etc Analysis

– Movement Analysis

– Criticality Analysis
– Zero Inventory and Just-In-time Inventory Systems

– Push/Pull Inventory

– Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Warehousing and Storage Safety
  • OSHA Regulations Applicable to Warehouse Work
  • Sources of Warehouse Hazards

– Housekeeping hazards

– Material handling hazards

– Hazardous substances within the warehouse

  • Protection Against Hazards

– Material handling protection

– Precautions for cranes, hoists and derricks

– Safe forklift operation

– Safe lifting – Ladder safety

– Loading dock safety

  • Good Housekeeping Procedures

– Safe storage practices

– Packing and unpacking

– Preventing falling objects

  • Use of Personal Protective Clothing
  • Developing a Safety Attitude
  • Action Plans

Duration: Three (3) Days

Fees: One Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,650.00) per participant

Venue: Airport View Hotel
Who Should Attend

Warehouse, Stores and Material Managers and Supervisors, Inventory, Logistics and Procurement Managers and any Senior/Middle or functional manager who wants to understand warehousing and inventory management.