Program Dates and Venues


Program Duration Program Dates Venue
Code AMMS: Advanced Modern Management Skills Five (5) Days 13th-17th May 2024 Accra
15th -19th July 2024 Dubai
28th October-1st November 2024 Lagos
Code SLPM: Strategic Leadership and People Management Skills for Managers Five (5) Days 18th -22nd March 2024 Accra
3rd -7th June 2024 Accra
21st -25th October 2024 Dubai
Code ECRP: Effective Communication, Report Writing and Public Speaking Skills for Managers Five (5) Days 15th-19th April 2024 Accra
20th-24th May 2024 Lagos
8th -12th July 2024 Dubai
Code ETLS: Executive Team Leadership for Strategic Growth Five (5) Days 22nd -26th April 2024 Dubai
24th -28th June 2024 Lagos
29th July-2nd August 2024 Nairobi
Code AOMAS: Advanced Office Management and Administration Skills for Administrative Professionals Five (5) Days 6th-10th May 2024 Accra
9th-13th September 2024 Nairobi
Code ISNLI Successful Negotiation, Lobbying and Influencing Skills Five (5) Days 5th-9th August 2024 Nairobi
7th-11th October 2024 Accra